Sunday, 17 July 2011

Day Two - A Community Consultation, Site Decisions, Visiting the Island, and More Design

Today we began our day with a community consultation on our previous day's designs. We had a pancake breakfast for everyone while we discussed our work. We had narrowed the location of our storage facility to two locations, and a major part of this discussion was to narrow down which location we wanted to use.

After our discussion and a Q&A session we took outside the school to do some mockups of our possible floorplans.

We then stayed outside for a hotdog roast over a firepit. After a such a long discussion, we were all very hungry.

After the lunch break, we got a great opportunity to visit Chapel Island off the coast of the reserve. This island has its own church, the site of an annual pilgrimage that attracts thousands of visitors each year. Although not for a couple weeks, pilgrims had already begun to arrive.

The island is home to unique cottages that the visitors stay on every year, built by each family. Those who had already arrived were hard at work making repairs for the damage that had occurred over the previous winter.

Chapel Island is home to a series of crosses in the forest, where the Stations of the Cross are carried out. It was quite a hike!

We returned back to the school for a final design session. Hopefully we can go to bed soon!

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