Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Front Page of Cape Breton Post!

Read today's article discussing our project here.

It's also on the front page if you buy a copy.

Day Eleven - Railings, two walls, and a door

Taking a rained out morning to update on yesterday. We designed and built railing using an aircraft cable system that runs the entire length. We also finished framing up the storage space. On our deck at the end we began assembling a 16' door for the front. We worked late into the night and even began our roof.

Monday, 25 July 2011

Day Ten - Raising the wall

Today we raised the wall that was going to be the back of our storage area.

Day Ten - Finishing the decking, tension cables, and beginning to frame

Today was a scorcher! We spent a lot of time finishing off the decking, and then replaced the temporary bracing on the last bay with tension cables.

We began to frame the stud walls on the upper level of the deck on the platform, and raised two up.