Saturday, 16 July 2011

Day One - Meeting the Crew, Site Tours, and the First Design Sessions

This was the first day that our group had on the Potlotek Reserve in Cape Breton. After a long night of travel and a good rest, we woke up eventually and had a tour from the locals in the morning. We took some of the community's new bikes out and got some exercise.

  The reserve is also known as "Chapel Island," which will soon see a large pilgrimage as people continue an annual tradition. Campers have already shown up on the site.

We had our first design session for our new project after visiting the sites. The community is receiving new kayaks, canoes, and bikes, and needs a place to store it all. After a community consultation, we are also hoping to integrate some private areas for the local high school students to socialize. 

We went out to the site, measured, and then returned to discuss our thoughts. The students and community members gave us great perspective on their needs and offered their abilities.

After a long day of work, we caught a great sunset over the water.

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