Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Education Longhouse Update

The Education Longhouse project is taking a big step forward! Since 2011 the design has been refined and improved, and Potlotek has been successful in securing some funding for the project. With renewed energy and enthusiasm, the project is moving forward with phase 3 of the design, which will really set the stage for development!

Cities & Environment Unit (at Dalhousie University) presented the refined design concept to Potlotek Chief and Council on January 22, 2013. With schools cancelled in the region the team was not able to meet with students, but there will be an upcoming chance for students to see the updated design.

The Education Longhouse will be a community building that is built by the community. It will be a beautiful and unique building that expands education opportunities and brings people together in new ways to share knowledge,  promote Mi'kmaq culture and celebrate community. The building will be a multi-use and flexible education facility with spaces for many kinds of learning. The building will include classrooms, a community gallery space to showcase local art, and space for cultural gathering.

Look out for announcements of upcoming meetings. Get involved! This is YOUR building - you can help make it a reality!

Here is a sneak peek at the building concept to date:

More images, including floor plans, will be added soon...

Ask how you can get involved!
Potlotek contact - Nancy Mcleod 535-3160

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